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Cris Cyborg renunció al cinturón de los pesos plumas de Invicta FC

LAS VEGAS, Nevada. Cris “Cyborg” Justino hizo un importante anuncio la noche del viernes. La brasileña renunció al cinturón de los pesos plumas de Invicta FC, organización donde era la campeona desde Julio del 2013.

En un video publicado en sus redes sociales, Cyborg reveló que fue una decisión difícil de tomar, pero lo hizo para seguir su trayectoria en UFC, donde espera pelear por el cinturón de los pesos plumas frente Germaine de Randamie en Julio.


WMMA legend Marloes Coenen and myself have shared something special that I don't think the average person will ever be able to understand, but I'm going to try my best to explain. My first fight after beating Gina Carano was against Marloes in Strikeforce Miami. Over 517,000 households watched Showtime as the two of us fought an intense 3 round war with ref eventually stopping the fight to give me the win over 7 years ago. Before our first fight she was already a big name in the sport having competing in Japan and winning the 2000 ReMix World Cup to become the first recognized female MMA world champion. 3 years after my first fight against Marloes Coenen, after winning the Strikeforce World title at 135lbs, she made a return to the Featherweight division to face me for the inaugural Invicta Fighting Championships Featherweight Belt. It is during my second fight against Marloes where we shared a moment as competitors that will link us together forever. This was my first fight back after my suspension and one where I had a lot of emotion trying to win back my world title. 4 rounds we shared blood and sweat as we met inside the cage. During this fight I landed some of the hardest punches I've ever connected with in a fight. big shot after big shot she continued fighting through every bad situation until Big John finally ended the bout. While most fans saw the fight as entertainment, I see that fight as an experience where both Marloes and myself gave a part of our spirit to the fans who were lucky enough to watch that display of true martial arts. That fight displayed the honor, respect, heart, determination, and skill that separate a fighter from a martial artist, and an athlete from a warrior. Promoters have always had a problem finding girls to fight me. Fighters suddenly have injuries, start requesting rematches of fights they've already won, or just run to a new weight class when the reality of fighting me starts to materialize. Marloes is the only woman I've ever fought to ask for a rematch! After 7 rounds of battle with Marloes Coenen and the type of fights we had she has forever earned my respect, and I hope the sport will forever recognize.

Una publicación compartida de CRISTIANE V JUSTINO (@criscyborg) el

Cris firmo con Invicta FC el 2013 y se corono campeona de la organización al vencer a Marloes Coenen por TKO en el tercer round. Tras eso, Cyborg tuvo tres defensas del cinturón, venciendo a Charmaine Tweet, Faith Van Duin y Daria Ibragimova.

Con Cyborg fuera de Invicta FC, la nueva campeona de la división es la australiana Megan Anderson, que se corono campeona interina en enero de este año.


Good morning! 

Una publicación compartida de CRISTIANE V JUSTINO  (@criscyborg) el


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