A Mattie Rogers del equipo olímpico se le cae la pesa y provoca un destrozo memorable

OPOPKA, Florida.- Es un hecho que levantarse un día lunes es más o menos una pesadilla para cualquier persona. Pero durante un entrenamiento puede ser mas, cómico. Una señorita de 20 años de edad, que es aspirante al equipo olímpico de halterofilia tuvo problemas durante una elevación de rutina y dejó que la barra caiga al piso. Probablemente tu deberías hacer lo mismo, pero no lo que sucedió segundos después.

Mattie Rogers es un levantadora de pesas olímpica. Ella es muy fuerte. Pero eso, no pudo salvarla de fallar en un levantamiento durante su entrenamiento el pasado lunes. Rogers perdió el equilibrio mientras hacia una sobrecarga limpia, lo que le hizo soltar la barra.

Se puede llamar mala suerte. Sin embargo, la barra fue rodando directamente a través de una ventana de cristal, y tanto Rogers como todos los que estaban presentes solo lo que podían hacer era mirar.



With the attention brought in from my recent video, I wanted to say a few things. Hi new friends  I'm not entirely sure why the video blew up, it's not that unusual to have weightlifting fails, nor is it THAT funny, but it happened. Whether good or bad (nosuchthingasbadpublicity), I'm happy to see this much publicity being brought to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. It is not a main stream sport. It is not a sport many people know about. In fact, I guarantee half the people who watched that video thought it was CrossFit. No, I'm not a crossfitter. No, I'm not a Power Lifter (#IDontBench). Absolutely no hate to either of those, by the way. Support in all sports over here. We compete in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk only. No, using a spotter for our lifts is not a good idea. And no, our knees and backs will not be "thrown out".... We in fact know what we are doing and are trained to perform the lifts the way we do. It's kind of sad that THIS of all things gets the worlds attention, but hey can't complain! Having such a large reach not only allows me to bring exposure to the sport, but hopefully educate the average person a little more about what it is we actually do. Olympic Weightlifting in America is not a huge sport. We as lifters get a lot of harsh comments because of our lack of competitive performances internationally. Well, more exposure, more people involved, larger talent pool... All steps in the right direction. @hookgrip @atginsta both have great pages to see examples of lifting from all around the world for anyone looking. The Olympic Weightlifting community is small in comparison to other sports, but we're growing. Those involved have found their passion and their joy in lifting and competing. It's not for everyone, but for some it is everything. The confidence, mental and physical strength and experiences learned and found within this sport are incomparable. So I'll end my too-long rant with this: be nice in your comments on that stupid video, women are strong af contrary to what some of you believe and welcome to the world of Olympic Weightlifting.... Or my version of it anyway FBGM

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El gimnasio entero sabía exactamente lo que iba a pasar cuando la barra empezó a rodar. El entrenador la alentaba "Conseguir, conseguirlo, oh noooo". Pero bueno, se tuvo que sustituir la ventana.


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